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Our Ammunition selection is broad with various calibers on hand. We carry all major brands such as C.C.I., Winchester, Remington and many more. 


But, we not only have all of the modern calibers, we also carry the "hard to find" calibers for your classic Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol. If you can't find it, ask us and we will help locate whatever you are looking for.




To finish off your new or used Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol or Crossbow, a quality Scope will add to the success of that special Hunt. Hunter's Needs carries quality Scopes and all of our Scopes come in Fixed or Variable settings.

New - Used -Trade - Please Inquire

Our selection in Rifles and Shotguns varies from day to day. We carry Remington - Mossberg - Smith & Wesson and Taurus.
If you cannot find your special Rifle or Shotgun, please let us know and we will do our very best to locate it in time for your Hunting trip.

We also Buy
Sell and Trade!
We also carry re-loading supplies, gun cases and various styles of holsters.







We carry the full line of NiteLite products & supplies!

Popular for night fishing, frog gigging, tracking, camping, hiking, biking and more and a favorite among outdoorsmen and hunters. The item featured has revolutionized the hunting light with the new Extreme Belt Light Pro. With over a year of research and development, and countless hours of field-testing the new Extreme Belt Light Pro is by far the most advanced hunting light ever created.

You can choose between 21 volts or 28 volts of Nickel Metal Hydride power. The light is designed with our advanced "Smart Box" controller it almost eliminates bulb failure by controlling voltage, without sacrificing any brightness. No more warming up bulbs or having them fail at the critical moment! The constant rheo-switch controls the light's intensity. The"Smart Box" also houses an LED walking light that will pivot in different directions to give you light right where you want it, and it won't attract bugs!

We sell the Full Line of Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Federal Duck Stamp!



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